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Av. Gómez Morín N° 323

Col. del Valle de Santa Engracia.

San Pedro Garza García, N.L.


8356-6516 / 1133-8458






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History + future.


At La Bonne we know how to make crepes.

29 years ago, we innovated in the Garza Garcia market, bringing this concept from Paris, to which we added salads, cakes and pastries.

It was born as a space for friends, family and business talks.


Today, and looking towards the future, we propose clear objectives, continue making history.

To do this and in accordance with the cultural transformation of people and decision-making empowerment in the face of the growing offers, we work so that they continue to choose us and for that we focus on THE COMPREHENSIVE EXPERIENCE OF THE CLIENT.


More than eating, is an experience.

Our food, based on unmovable principles: the quality and freshness of the raw material, the preparation of the kitchen focused on the taste and the right price is now not only an end, but a means for our customers to live a memorable experience.


We invite you to go through this process of transformation together, seeking to convert La Bonne in a memorable space with an architectural identity, where the client can see and experience the process of elaboration "from scratch", always with the spirit that gave us origin: to be a space for friends, family and business talks.