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New Restaurant Start Up Consulting

Starting a new restaurant is an adventure, an exciting and promising one, but also a road with many challenges. If you're considering a restaurant start up you need the help of a group like LFG to help you get your business up and running.


We're here to help you create a gastronomic experience that makes sense, not just a menu, a recipe, or a logo, etc., because when done independently, they lack the power and connection of giving your customer the experience you dreamed of.


Who's LIVEFOOD Group

With over 30 years of experience designing, implementing and operating successful restaurants of our own, and also with some failures, we're ready to help you maximize your success possibilities and minimize the chance of failure.

If anybody is telling you that they can assure you a successful restaurant, they're selling you smoke.

We're here to work together with you and try to get your ideas to a place where they can become a reality, saving you time and money in the process, avoiding mistakes that many years of experience have taught us what to do or not to do.

At LIVEFOOD Group we ONLY DO START UP CONSULTING, because they're so many variables in the restaurant industry that we only focus in what we like and do best, which is helping entrepreneurs materialize their dream of owning a restaurant, and taking them through the creative process of their initial idea or dream, to a ready to operate restaurant.


New Concept Development

Scope of Services

What to expect from


1. Your Vision

we start by learning about your idea, vision, concept,

service style, menu, location, budget and timeframe.


2. Research and Analysis

we look at potential competitors in your market area. With research, we analyze and compare other concepts.

This will allow us to determine what actions will be needed to give your concept an upper hand in this competitive market.


3. Action

we start with a brand identity brainstorm session and a plan of action for your concept.

We talk about design, brand value, look and feel, menu, pricing, equipment needs and ideal locations.


4. Brand and Graphic Design

branding is very important, it is crucial to creating loyalty, which is very much needed in today's competitive market.

LFG offers brand development that can help build and boost your brand for a better opportunity for long term success.


5. Interior Design Look & Feel

we'll work together with you to find the interior feel your looking for,

recommending the pros and cons that we believe may exist.


6. Internet and Digital

in today's world, your brand's presence on the internet is crucial to your success.

LFG will provide a start up packet that will make your brand present on the web.

We can provide a few day to day and follow up options for digital marketing,

social media and communications available if needed.


7. Menu Build

in the restaurant business, food needs to be a winner! LFG will develop your menu, including detailed recipes,

food costs and teaching your personnel how to execute them properly to assure you a big success in the kitchen.


8. Profit and Loss

we'll provide a profit and loss analysis, taking into consideration your projected ticket average, number of seats, food cost, rent, payroll, etc.,

so you can fully understand were your restaurants breaks even so you can plan and project accordingly.



1. Concept Guide

this will include a food and beverage strategy, our service approach recommendation, market niche, sample menu and business goals, which will become the roots for all your project.


2. Brand and Graphic Design

this will include the following:


• Concept brand design and creation

• Brand presentation

• Logo and stationary design

• Business card design

• Menu design

• Exterior signage design

• Uniform design

• Web consulting and design (not development)


3. Interior Design Look & Feel

we'll give you a final render so you will know how your restaurant will look like,

and an itemized list of concepts and materials so you're ready to work with your local Arquitect and/or General Contractor about your new project.


4. Final Menu

this will include recipes and food cost analysis of all recipes included on the finalized menu,

and a 2 day teaching session from our Chef to your personnel.


5. Restaurant Layout, Render and Equipment

this will include a full scale drawing of back and front of the store, kitchen and dining areas and bars.

A kitchen equipment list, a bar equipment list, a smallwares list, and a china, glassware and silverware list.


6. Internet, Digital and Communications

Start up will include social media page design, social media pages creation and web page look & feel (not development).

Day to day plans can include content marketing for social media, search engine optimization, social media posting, social media marketing, digital advertising, digital media planning and buying.


7. Feasibility Study

we provide a document that will include the capital budget required for your concept, a break even analysis that includes projected check averages, sales forecasting, food and beverage costs, labor costs, a budget for your lease and a pro-forma.





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